Gracias…a double dose

Wednesday of this week, I realized that I am thankful for the desire and ability to cook/bake. It may sound silly to some, but I love to make dinner, snacks, etc. After a long day at work, cooking actually calms me down and gives me time to decompress. I love it. It’s also way more economical than eating out. Plus I love to be able to provide a meal for my friends. Nothing makes me happier than a house full of people hanging out and eating together.

Last night after making it successfully (and so far with a 4.0) through my Master’s Degree program, I realized that I am thankful for the capacity and desire to learn. I love learning. I like to challenge my brain and push myself to learn new things. I don’t like to learn just to acquire the knowledge, but rather to better myself and help others. The Organizational Leadership program at PBA is pushing me. I’ve accomplished things in 8 weeks time (each class is condensed into eight weeks, which makes things pretty intense) that looked nearly impossible during the first night of class. After completing six classes towards my degree, I have already gained tangible skills that I can use to help my organization and others. I am already thinking about a doctorate…really? Who am I? A year ago, I would have NEVER said that. I am thankful for a love of learning.


6 Responses to “Gracias…a double dose”

  1. Pam Kuhl Says:

    Great so go back to Dr. Mark A. Kuhl DMD office and teach them all that you have learned!!!!

  2. katie Says:

    i am thankful for your spanish-speaking skills. 🙂

  3. kathleen Says:

    good job on the 4.0!!!

  4. chadvaughan Says:

    dr. paul

  5. Emily Says:

    no…Dr. Amy sounds way cooler.

  6. Marla Saunders Says:

    Good luck on the cook off. I’m trying to remain neutral in the astonishing event.

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