I Miss You People

Coming to you live from the iphone because it’s my only connection to the outside world until Comcast comes on Monday. In case you somehow missed the memo I am in the middle of moving to the giant new house that Emily, Jen and I are renting.

I could really use some blog therapy but typing tons of my thoughts via my iPhone keyboard leaves a lot to be desired.

For now I can tell you that after the crazy week I’ve had I am somewhat beginning to feel like I can breathe again. At the same time I am very anxious, sad, unsettled, unsure, anxious, sad and did I mention anxious and sad? I am not a big fan of change and it’s been one thing after another as of late.

As a good friend told me the other day after I shared the latest bit if change in my life (which can’t be devulged here because it’s still on the DL and it’s not my news to share), “well chalk up another one, AP.” Ugh. Not a fan. Chalk is dusty and far inferior to other writing utensils. If I wanted to use chalk on a regular basis I would have become a teacher.


Alright. This has already been far too much writing on the iPhone. More to come. I’m out.


5 Responses to “I Miss You People”

  1. chad Says:

    you are a blog addict.

  2. Kasey Says:

    Cheer up Charlie! Look at it this way, you always have people who want you to come visit them….lots of traveling opportunities!

  3. Sami Says:

    ummm….do I know this news? I’m concerned…

  4. katie Says:

    sweet. i’ve been quoted! 🙂

  5. Emily Says:

    i’m a teacher and i don’t even use chalk. dry erase markers all the way! 🙂

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