Summer in South Florida…Hot? Of course not.

Today is Melanie’s 31st birthday. In honor of my love for my friend and her love of chocolate I made a triple chocolate chip cake last night. My sous chef and ace of cakes, Chad, was so kind as to place the beautiful decorations on top.

Here’s a picture of the oh so very cute cake last night:










And…here’s a picture of it after LITERALLY ten minutes in my car before work. I did my best to salvage it.










Think it’s hot today, anyone? I’m so sad about her cake.


7 Responses to “Summer in South Florida…Hot? Of course not.”

  1. Aegis Says:

    Hihi. Well, the one of the bottom look more realistic, as sea creatures usually dive, not float over the waters! Nice cake 🙂

  2. Dad Says:

    OH MY!!! I sure it tasted GREAT!

  3. sunshinekmp Says:

    At least you took a pic to show her what you meant for it to look like! I bet it still tastes pretty good though!

  4. mom Says:


  5. Emily Says:

    i wish i was there to eat a piece! 🙂

  6. Cat Says:

    holy hotness!

  7. Amanda Privett Says:

    awwww – that is soo sad. I one time had a beautiful cake get destroyed by florida heat..

    I understand the pain.

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