Yet Another List

I realized last night that I have soooo much to do over the next two weeks. Today I decided that in order to get it done, I’m going to have to break it up in smaller chunks and, of course, make another list. I know this is less than thrilling for everyone else, but it helps me keep on task. 

So…by Thursday of this week I need to:

  • Write a one page topic summary on “Putting small business in context” as it relates to Strategic Planning 
  • Write a three page “Leadership Paper” about the strategic plan I’m working on
  • Work on my strategic plan
  • Work on my SWOT charts
  • Work on my Gantt chart About 3.5 hours worth…more of the same to come…
    Is this list boring you yet?! 🙂
  • Pack as much of the kitchen as possible
  • Respond to some blog comments
  • Call Aime to pay for credit report
  • Get everything squared away with the lease for the new house
  • Pay bills (FPL, Sprint, Comcast, figure out AT&T)
  • Pack my bedroom
  • Pack for Dawn & Bob’s Wedding (leaving Friday)
  • Get my nails done
  • Get my eyebrows done
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Late addition: Make a birthday cake for a friend
  • Late addition: Go to Mel’s ice cream birthday social
  • Late addition: Visit with Suzanne
That’s “all” I can think of right now…I’m sure I’ll have more to add to the list. UGH.

One Response to “Yet Another List”

  1. Sami Says:

    when are you getting your nails done?

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