Half Marathon?

Ok…”write a blog” is not on the to-do list below. As you can see, I’m procrastinating. Part of that procrastination has me looking online for a “half marathon training schedule.” I know, I know…you are probably asking yourself, “Amy? Run a half marathon?” And, I am asking the same thing. Some friends at work are trying to convince me to do it for the Palm Beach Marathon on December 7. I DO NOT like running, but I think it might be a good challenge for myself and my body. But I really don’t need one more thing to do (as evidenced by the list below). Anyhow, I found a training schedule online that is 12 weeks long. That would mean starting the training on September 14. 

For now, I’ll keep thinking about it…and go make a milk shake. 🙂

Thoughts? Should I attempt the half marathon?


5 Responses to “Half Marathon?”

  1. Emily Says:

    Kelli D. convinced me to sign up for it. I’m going to do it. You should too it will be fun. I’ll probably end up walking half of it anyway…and I have a training schedule if you want me to email it to you…you just have to change the dates.

  2. Sami Says:

    Jen might flip at this idea…flip in a good way that is…I still say running is bad for you. Won’t catch me doin’ it 😉

  3. kathleen Says:


  4. katie Says:

    as long as you have someone to train with, it won’t be that bad (unless they’re like a super-runner). you only have to train up to like 10 miles… i will say this: if you do it, you will feel SO great and proud of yourself afterwards.

  5. geneticfreak Says:


    Running a half-marathon is awesome. I have run the Palm Beach Half-Marathon 3 times and will be running the full marathon this year. Below are some tips I hope will help.

    1). Buy a pair of running shoes that are a half to a full size larger than you normally wear. Your feet swell when run run and a bigger shoe will allow your feet to swell.
    2). Wear dry-fit clothing. No cotton.
    3). Wear running socks. You can get them at any running store.
    4). Some runners will run for 4 minutes and walk for 1 minute.
    5). Run with a pace group. It will help.
    6). Most importantly. Have fun and enjoy the race.


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