[Not a] Happy Camper

It hit me this morning as my friends headed off to Camp with the CF students, that I am not going. For the first time in seven–yes, count ’em…SEVEN–years I have nothing to do with CF’s Student Ministries Camp. It’s a sad day.

My wonderful friend, Chad, filled my former role impeccably and is already receiving incredible compliments about the organization of everything. Rock on, Chadwick! 

This year’s theme is Rock Camp (not like the Disney show…CF had the name first!). And, the best I can do is keep up with the daily happenings via their really cool blog. This year’s camp is way cooler than any other year. They are so high tech!

Have fun friends and rock hard for me!


3 Responses to “[Not a] Happy Camper”

  1. katie Says:

    ooh. that is a tough one. i remember the first time i wasn’t working at berean during retreat week…and that was only after 4 years, not 7.

  2. Alex Workman Says:

    Come and visit us!

  3. chadvaughan Says:

    amy, you were missed. your legacy will carry on forever.

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