Help Me Brainstorm

I need your help.

In two weeks I have to do a “Story Telling Presentation” for class in which I must research someone I would identify as a strategic leader or thinker. I must then present the information I discover in a story telling format in class (ie: I have to dress up like the person, speak like the person, etc). We have the freedom to be creative and we will have 10-12 minutes to do our presentation.

I’ve come up with some, but everyone I seem to come up with is a guy, and if I have to come in “costume” I’d prefer to dress up as a girl. 🙂

Any ideas?


5 Responses to “Help Me Brainstorm”

  1. kathleen Says:

    You could do beth moore..she’s a leader right?? I just think it would be fun to have big hair and talk like your from texas!

  2. Bob Voelker Says:

    Bill Gates! Bill Gates! Bill Gates!

  3. It’s Only Monday? « Says:

    […] « Help Me Brainstorm […]

  4. mom Says:

    Shirley Dobson?
    How about Sara Blakely (invented Spanx)
    how about Martha Stewart….

    just trying to help.

  5. David Says:

    I’m with Bob! My first thought was Bill Gates… there’s some great Bill gates masks out there.

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