Shout Outs for Referrers

Alright, so I was intrigued by a little portion of my “Blog Stats” page today–the referrers. From time to time I check out my stats (oh let’s be honest…Chad and I have a nearly daily competition) to see where you people are coming from, what you are reading (or at least glancing at) and where you are going. Today, I opted to take a look at “all time referrers” and the results were rather interesting.

According to WordPress, these are the blogs/sites that send me the most hits. I wish I had a prize for you all, but I digress.

All Time Referrers

  1. Carolyn Master: 339
  2. WordPress: 215
  3. Facebook: 173
  4. Katie Hobbie: 161
  5. MySpace: 145
  6. Chad Vaughan: 135
  7. Kathleen Nugent: 129
  8. Alex Workman: 100
  9. Matthew Ainsley: 78
  10. Emily Wilson: 41
  11. Various Email Links: 33
  12. Jenni Regan: 8
  13. Anne Jackson: 5
  14. Google Reader: 4
  15. Danielle Borzillo: 4

5 Responses to “Shout Outs for Referrers”

  1. kathleen Says:

    This is so funny! Of course I had to look at my all timers and you’ve brought me 126…so we are just about even:)

  2. katie Says:

    i hate to break it to you (and i wish this wasn’t so), but i think most of the “referrals” from my site is probably just me clicking on your name on my blog roll instead of typing in your URL. 🙂 i wish that wasn’t so, because then that would mean that i had alot more readers than i really do.

  3. kathleen Says:

    um, I never use my blogroll so I guess my referrer # is more “quality” rather than katie’s “quantity”:) I think I deserve a higher ranking! Hahaha

  4. masterfamily Says:

    Wow – go me! I have a LOT of lurkers…way more than I have friends, so I guess they are frequenting your list too?!

  5. David Says:

    Ok so basically this tells me Carolyn needs to be my friend!

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