More from Evan Almighty

I still haven’t finished watching Evan Almighty…maybe this afternoon. But a couple other things struck me yesterday.

At one point Evan is having a talk with “God” (Morgan Freeman) about building the ark and Evan says,

“You have to realize this is not part of my plans here. I don’t even know where I would begin.”

Wow…isn’t that us? Well, I won’t speak for you, but how many times has that been me? I don’t think I could begin to count. But isn’t that right where God wants us? Right where we realize we are so completely inadequate? And, why do we tend to be so independent that it takes us so long to get to that point? It takes us so long to realize that we don’t know what’s best, that we don’t have what it takes to do anything good, that we don’t even possess the ability to believe the truth…even God has to give us the faith to trust. We can’t even muster that up if we want to. Why do we work so hard to do it all on our own? Why don’t we just let go before we experience the hurt, disappointment and frustration that we know is inevitable?

This morning at church, the pastor shared an illustration that really helped me visualize this concept. He explained how his four year old son is extremely independent. He told how his son will try to poor a glass of milk for himself, trying very hard to maneuver the heavy and awkward gallon jug. He makes a mess, all the while his dad is watching and asking if he’d like some help. Of course his son says “no” because he wants to do it on his own. The pastor said he stands to the side thinking and/or asking, “are you done yet? are you ready to let me help?”

I imagine that is how God feels with us (me, too) more times than not. I’ve been praying and praying asking God to help me let go. Asking Him to give me the faith to trust. He’s the only one that can do that. In and of myself, I do not have the power or strength to let go and let Him help. My inherently sinful nature would never want that. He has to do it. He will have to be the one. And He can do it. And He will.


2 Responses to “More from Evan Almighty”

  1. Emily Says:

    Thanks, Amy! Needed that today! 🙂

  2. katie Says:

    um…i feel really out of the loop. when did you start going to PBC Church? great post, by the way.

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