Wednesday “Five a Day” Recap

This recap deal is getting old fast…I know. I just need to do it for myself, so skip this post if you want. 🙂

  1. I got 64 ounces of water today!
  2. I’m short 1 fruit/vegetable serving. I could cram it down my throat right now, but I just don’t feel like doing that.
  3. I made it to the gym for 30 minutes of the bike!
  4. No weights…I wanted to do it today, but there is a personal trainer guy that uses our gym for his clients (not sure if he or his clients live here or not, but whatever). Anyway…they were taking up a lot of space on the weight side of the gym, so I skipped out on that.
  5. I had one frivolous snack tonight that I found in our cabinet. 150 calorie lava cake that you cook in the microwave for 30 seconds!

2 Responses to “Wednesday “Five a Day” Recap”

  1. katie Says:

    i’m assuming that the lava cake means all the cupcakes are gone? 😦

  2. Emily Says:

    thanks for eating the lava cake…i definitely didn’t need it! 🙂

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