Twenty-Four Hours in Paradise

So, on Tuesday night I had the privilege of staying at The Breakers, Palm Beach with three great girls. We were connected by a mutual friend who is heavily involved in each of our respective ministries. He generously offered to put us up for a night at The Breakers so that we could get to know each other and encourage one another. After about two months of planning and looking for dates that worked, we landed on June 10-11. We were all permitted to miss work on Wednesday for the overnight adventure.

We met at The Breakers on Tuesday evening. After admiring our ocean front rooms, and the view from the balconies, we headed over to The Flagler Steakhouse for dinner. It was fabulous and we had quite a lightning show coming from the west. After dinner, the other three girls watched Pride and Prejudice while I fell asleep (like I always do when watching a movie a night).

Wednesday was a day of relaxation. We hung out by the pools, ate lunch while it rained and then soaked up more sun before the customary Florida afternoon thunderstorms rolled in. We capped off our stay with an afternoon snack of some amazzzzing chocolate chip cookies.

I learned a couple of things at The Breakers that I think might be good to add to Chad and my’s South Florida Summer Secrets (if you missed that post, it’s time you read up so you’re educated).


  1. Girls, hire a cute boy (or two) that would be so kind as to set up a chair for you wherever you’d like it and also lay out your towels for you. Who can be bothered with covering their chair with a towel? I mean, really?
  2. I know that Chad mentioned the double towel idea in his post on the South Florida Summer Secrets, but I now argue that you may need THREE towels when heading to the pool. One for the length of the chair, one to cover the hot arms (at The Breakers the arms are cold…I’m not lying…it’s true) and one to serve as a pillow. It’s genius, really.
  3. Petition your HOA or apartment complex or whatever to set up a Relaxation Area. That was by far my favorite part of The Breakers. I guess it didn’t hurt that there was a cute South African lifeguard who entertained me for about 15-20 minutes talking about surfing, travels and the Florida summer weather. (See photos below for more on the Relaxation Area.)
  4. Find people who want to stand around and just be nice to you. Everywhere we went, the staff was so friendly. Even if we did not approach them for assistance they would say “hello” or “good morning” as you walked past. Too bad the rest of the world isn’t like that.

Well, I’m sure there’s plenty more I could say about The Breakers, but for now, I’ll spare you. Here are a couple pictures from our time there. I’ll add more as I get them from the other girls.

I would like a sign like this outside my house and my office. 🙂

The Relaxation Pool…so wonderful.

Relaxing…duh. What else can you do in the Relaxation Area?

Afternoon Snack. Yummmm!


2 Responses to “Twenty-Four Hours in Paradise”

  1. kathleen Says:

    I’m beyond jealous!

  2. katie Says:

    you little stinker. i had no idea!

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