Just Like Old Times

I promised Kasey that after her visit this past weekend, I would write a blog about her. I also told her it must include a picture. For that, I must steal one from my friend Kathleen. 🙂  So…here we go…a blog for Kasey. I hope I don’t cry.

As most of you reading this probably know, just a matter of a few months ago, Kasey and I were on our way to a common law marriage (well, not really, but it was our own little joke). We were perfect (most of the time) roommates for more than six years. If you’re doing math, we started living together when we were 18…so, yes, that makes us each 24. (Ok, ok…yet another joke…gosh I’m funny…I think I’m trying to be light hearted so that I don’t cry.)

Seriously, we had a great little arrangement…

Somewhere along the way it just worked itself out that I cooked and Kasey cleaned.

We had therapy sessions on our couches and braved hurricanes on the same comfortable pieces of leather.

We threw parties like nobody’s business and always had waaaaay too much food.

We knew the best and worst about each other and we learned to live with it.

Basically, we learned a lot about friendship, family and relationships. I think her husband (and mine if he ever finds me) is forever indebted to me (and to Kasey in the other case) for all the priceless marriage preparation.

Back to a more serious note…you probably know that Matt and Kasey moved to Orlando shortly after their wedding. We all knew it was God’s best for them and exactly where He needed them to be. Even still, I don’t think any of us were prepared for how hard it could possibly be. A little more than a week ago, nearly 2 months after their move, it hit me that Kasey wasn’t just gone for the weekend. My realization contributed to a bad, emotional night. The next day I found out that Kasey also had a bad night. That made me feel better…not that she was sad, but that we were both sad together and that we could understand each other.

I knew Kasey would be coming to visit this past weekend (which happened to be four days after our breakdowns) and I looked forward to it so very much. We had a weekend just like old times. Kasey came on Thursday and after I got home from class we played a little Rock Band, stayed up late and then had a little sleepover. On Friday, I took a half day off of work and we hit the pool before celebrating Dawn’s upcoming wedding at her shower. Saturday morning was great. We slept in and then I made pancakes at Kasey’s request. Later that day she had to leave to head back to Orlando, but we reminded ourselves that she’d be back in less than a week to celebrate her birthday!

In the past couple of weeks, I have grown increasingly appreciative of my friendship with Kasey. She knows me so well and I value the investments we’ve made in each other. God has blessed both of us tremendously.


4 Responses to “Just Like Old Times”

  1. Kasey Says:

    Oh goodness, wasn’t ready for the tears so early this morning! Amy you are the bestest! This past weekend was so much fun and I absolutely positively can’t wait for this weekend! Thank you for letting me stay with you, for making me pancakes and skipping your Saturday activities…shhhh! I miss you so terribly much but am on the lookout for that “Mr. Right” so you will move up here! ha ha!

  2. Amanda Says:

    I agree. I will help kasey and we’ll keep our eyes open for a perfect man for you. 🙂 and then you can move up here! lol

    i love you amy paul!

  3. katie Says:

    oh man, that made me TEAR up. 🙂 you guys really were the perfect roommates (no offense, Emily).

  4. kathleen Says:

    I didn’t know you guys lived together that long! You guys must be suffering from some serious seperation anxiety:)

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