I Know Ya’ll Think I’m a Dork

…and I probably am. But regardless…I am up “late” doing homework. UGH. And, I’m reading for class tomorrow night and this stuff is REALLY good. I know there are plenty of you that can relate to the thoughts I’m about to share from Improving Performance by Geary Rummler and Alan Brache. So many organizations could be so much healthier if we all had some required reading. 🙂

Check this stuff out and let me know your thoughts…I’m sure at least something will strike a chord with you.

“Even talented and motivated people can improve organization performance only as much as the business processes allow.”

“Strong people cannot compensate for a weak process. All too often, management relies on individual or team heroics to overcome fundamentally flawed processes. Why not fix the process and enlist our heroes in the battle against the competition?” [Sidenote: if you’re organization is not necessarily into “competition” fill in that word with something else…get what I’m saying?]

“All too often, a team finds that there isn’t an established process; the work just somehow gets done.”

“If you pit a good performer against a bad system/process, the system/process will win almost every time.”


5 Responses to “I Know Ya’ll Think I’m a Dork”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    yup, you’re a dork. (but i love you for it!)

  2. emilyjwilson Says:

    i’m the dork who enjoys doing math for fun. i don’t know which is worse…

  3. katie Says:

    yeah, i felt bad about calling you a dork when i remembered that i LOVE diagramming sentences.

  4. Bob Voelker Says:

    Dork? Yes. Greatest blogger ever? Quite possibly. (in a tie with K, in my opinion)

  5. Holly Oates Says:

    Amen! (I guess that makes me a dork too) Andy Stanley preached about this at a conference a few months back — phenomenal!

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