Read The Book…It’s 100x Better!

Yesterday I finished reading the book Prince Caspian and then went to see the movie. I was very excited to see the movie because I really liked the book. Boy, was I disappointed. There were several parts in the movie that never once graced the pages of C.S. Lewis’ fairy tale. And, the way in which the story was told on film didn’t quite line up with the story line in the book, making the movie a tad hard to follow.

In the book, Aslan has a much greater role, and enters the story much earlier on than in the movie. There is an incredible exchange between Lucy and Aslan that I was anxious to see played out in the movie, but it never materialized on the screen with the same importance as I got from the pages of the book. As you probably know, Aslan has been said to represent God/Christ in the Narnia stories. This conversation (in the book) is great…check it out:

“Welcome, child,” he said.

“Aslan,” said Lucy, “you’re bigger.”

“That is because you are older, little one,” answered he.

“Not because you are?”

“I am not. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger.”

I love that. Aslan then goes on to tell Lucy that she must go wake up her brothers and sister and follow him, even though they will not be able to see him (Lucy was the only one that could see Aslan for a while).

“Oh dear, oh dear,” said Lucy. “And I was so pleased at finding you again. And I thought you’d let me stay. And I thought you’d come roaring in and frighten all the enemies away–like last time. And now everything is going to be horrid.”

“It is hard for you, little one,” said Aslan. “But things never happen the same way twice. It has been hard for us all in Narnia before now.”

Sounds a little bit like life with God. As we grow, He gets bigger. He allows us to know more of Him. He shows us more of Himself and He continues to grow our faith so that we can understand more about why He does what He does. And, often we expect Him to run in and “save the day.” Instead, He often asks that we do our part. That we do what He asks, even if nobody else can see Him or understand Him.

So…all that to say…read the book, it’s 100x better! The movie’s not bad, and I think it’s good to support such a wonderful film, but take the time to read the book. You’ll enjoy it that much more!


5 Responses to “Read The Book…It’s 100x Better!”

  1. chadvaughan Says:

    I’m pretty sure that part actually was in the movie…it was one of my favorite parts.

  2. Alex Workman Says:

    It was in the movie…

  3. amypaul Says:

    Ok….I KNOW that part was in the movie…do you people read? What I said was…and I quote…”it never materialized on the screen with the same importance as I got from the pages of the book.” I meant that the way it was depicted in the movie was not quite with the fervor and importance that I felt it was told in the book. Thus, one of the MANY reasons the book is 100x better than the movie!

  4. Deccan Says:

    Deccan says : I absolutely agree with this !

  5. Bob Voelker Says:

    Liked the movie alot… hate reading fiction… guess I’ll take your word for it!

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