Props to the Green Bag

I just have to give some props to the Green Bag you can purchase at Publix. A little more than a month ago, I purchased a couple to assist in getting my groceries up three flights of stairs. (Have I mentioned I’m not too fond of apartment life?!) Until yesterday I had only used the bags the first time I’d purchased them because I kept forgetting to bring them. Anyway…last night I managed to purchase nearly $130 worth of groceries and wouldn’t you know that the kind people at Publix were able to fit almost EVERYTHING in my three green bags. When I got home to unload my groceries, I had three green bags and two Publix bags. I got everything upstairs in ONE trip! I couldn’t believe it. I also got a good workout on the stairs on the way up.

So, while I am not a big “go green” person, I would say getting the Green Bags is a great idea! Try it out!


2 Responses to “Props to the Green Bag”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    Green bags are GREAT!!! I have 2-green Green Bags, 1-black Publix Green Bag, 1-green bag free from Walmart. I’m going to get 3-black Winn-Dixie bags this week too because I got a free coupon for them from some purchases last week. I LOVE my Green Bags. They fit SO much stuff. And yes…it’s the remembering to take them that is hard. I try to also take them to other stores, even the mall. Some people think you are crazy and I even had one CVS employee tell me he refused to bag my stuff in one!!! We have LOTS less plastic bags around here and I love it! Btw- How the heck did you spend $130 in groceries in one shot?!?!?! What on Earth are you buying? You can see my post about the Green Bag from back in October here: 🙂

  2. Bob Voelker Says:

    Thanks for your efforts in helping our environment. Would love to see the shopping list that was $130 though… king crab legs and a few new york strips???

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