Random Observations About the AI Season 7 Finale

Why do I get sucked into American Idol every year? Just a few random personal observations about tonight’s finale…

  1. It can be viewed in ten minutes…why do they stretch it out for two hours?
  2. What stylist decided it would be a good idea to hook a chain to David Archeleta’s jeans?
  3. Brian Adams could have used some makeup.
  4. Very cool that Syesha got to share the stage with Seal.
  5. When Paula said, “ZZ Top” I thought she said “DC Talk”…what does she drink before every show?
  6. Even though Syesha probably counted it an honor to sing with Seal, I think it was a slap in the face to let Jason Dread Head Castro sing a song on his own.
  7. Loved David Cook’s new Guitar Hero commercial. Priceless. The David A. version? Not so much…they should have known he didn’t stand a chance of making that commercial as well as David C.
  8. The Jonas Brothers? Really?
  9. Enjoyed One Republic with David A. I imagine that would be a great live show…assuming they have those strings with them all the time?! I’m going to guess not.
  10. What’s with the plastic bracelets that the likes of Jordyn Sparks and David C. are wearing these days?
  11. Jack Black and Ben Stiller appearance in the “Pips Audition” = GREAT/HILARIOUS.
  12. Carrie Underwood needs to hire a new stylist. What in the world was she wearing?
  13. Ryan Seacrest needs a new job.
  14. The right guy won…Congrats, David Cook. David A., I’ll look forward to your “Michael Buble”-esque album in about ten years.

7 Responses to “Random Observations About the AI Season 7 Finale”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    I only watched the very end of AI but I was surprised that David Cook won…even though I thought he should. I didn’t think he would have the votes…but obviously by 12million…he did!! Otherwise I cannot comment on any of your other observations! 🙂 Yea! for David Cook!

  2. emilyjwilson Says:

    Haha. I thought Paula said DC Talk too…I thought AI was going Christian with “Shout to the Lord” and all. Also, I agree with the chain comment (seriously?) and Carrie’s outfit…although I’m sure Chad will have a rebuttal for that! 🙂

  3. chadvaughan Says:

    emily, you are correct.

    amy, i could not disagree with you more. carrie underwood is the image of perfection. while this may not be an outfit appropriate for everyday wear, she worked like her life depended on it. she performed like a star and looked even better.

  4. kathleen Says:

    Totally agree…especially on the pips audition that was cracking me up!!Robert Downey Jr., that was so random:)

  5. katie Says:

    i agree with chad (about carrie). about the whole random robert downey jr./jack black/ben stiller thing…i actually thought it was retarded and ryan and i were trying to figure out what they were promoting…apparently they’re all in a new fox movie together. networks are shameless. i also agree that you can watch it in 10 minutes…actually, i did watch it in about 10 minutes. now on to my FAVORITE, sytycd!!!

  6. Alex Workman Says:

    I totally agree with #8…that was 5 minutes I changed the channel…

  7. Bob Voelker Says:

    Jack Black as a ninja-fighting panda bear will be good movie material… er, or not. As for #1… you have to use Tivo for these things, AP.

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