51 Million Votes?

I am watching my DVR version of the American Idol results show (which is so much better and so much quicker than watching it live) and I was very astounded by something Ryan Seacrest said.

“51 million voters this week.”

51 million.

Really, America?

I mean, I guess I am part of the reason American Idol is still on Fox since I’m still watching it, but really, America? 51 million votes?

Certainly Americans think there are more important things in this world than who wins American Idol. Right? Please tell me that’s true.

In the meantime, though, this incredible vote outpouring gave me an idea. What if we could choose the President by texting our vote or what if we could just call in our vote? Surely more people would participate then…right?


4 Responses to “51 Million Votes?”

  1. chadvaughan Says:

    have you heard of people using programs that just call in like thousands of times in a row? they can do the same thing with texting, apparently. still sad, though.

  2. katie Says:

    two comments:
    i don’t necessarily think there are more people voting…just more votes per household.

    also, i think that if that were true about voting for the president, that is pretty pathetic. it’s sad that we (myself included) don’t really think of voting as a privilege…

  3. Amanda Says:

    hahahahaha…..I love this.

  4. kathleen Says:

    I agree the voting on AI is basically 1 million teenage girls texting 50 votes a week!!

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