Celebration of Discipline :: Submission

Moving right along in Richard Foster’s book. I’d like to check this book off my reading list sometime in the very near future. 🙂

The Discipline of Submission

“The Disciplines are for the purpose of realizing a greater good. In and of themselves they are of no value whatever. They have value only as a means of setting us before God so that he can give us the liberation we seek. The liberation is the end; the Disciplines are merely the means.”

“The most radical social teaching of Jesus was his total reversal of the contemporary notion of greatness. Leadership is found in becoming the servant of all. Power is discovered in submission.”

“We are commanded to live a life of submission because Jesus lived a life of submission, not because we are in a particular place of station in life.”

“It is not an evasion of the issue to say that in defining the limits of submission we are catapulted into a deep dependence upon the Holy Spirit. After all, if we had a book of rules to cover every circumstance in life, we would not need dependence. The Spirit is an accurate discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, both yours and mine. He will be to us a present Teacher and Prophet, instructing us in what to do in every situation.”


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