Always a Bridesmaid…

So…I really must do this because I just have to know how many weddings I’ve been in as an adult (forget all the flower girl gigs…). I am going to do my best to remember them all, and if you are reading this and I forgot yours, PLEASE don’t be offended (as we’re about to realize it’s a wonder I can remember 1/2 of them!), but please do let me know so that I can keep the tally going.

And…here we go…(and they might get out of order, so don’t be offended by that either)

Justin & Mandy Girard: bridesmaid; $200+ purple-ish/maroon-ish dress ruined by cleaners

Jon & Lisa Ward: bridesmaid; purple halter top and skirt from David’s

Casey & Sarah Prince: honorary bridesmaid; got to pick my own dress and I still have it!

Ryan & Katie Hobbie: honorary bridesmaid; wonderful little strapless number from Express

Ben & Shanel DeWitt: honorary bridesmaid; again got to pick my own black dress, THANK YOU! 🙂

Nathan & Jenni Oates: bridesmaid; cheapest dress ever–$35!

Bradley & Kati Mattingly: maid of honor; my favorite long bridesmaid dress

Ryan & Erin Morgan: helper; obviously got to pick own dress

Mike & Melanie Kotecki: bridesmaid; great strapless black dress. Love it!

Matt & Kasey Ainsley: maid of honor; another great dress. Brown. Love it!

Mike & Beth Ann Bard: helper; I may have worn the same dress that I did to the Morgan wedding, unsure

Bob Voelker & Dawn Piscopink: bridesmaid; dress verdict is still out…the wedding is in August

Did I miss anyone? I sure hope not…


6 Responses to “Always a Bridesmaid…”

  1. kathleen Says:

    Thats impressive!! a. That you have that many close friends and b. That you remembered them all:)

  2. Amanda Says:

    Goodness. You’re so stinkin popular, AP.

  3. The Story of My Life « Says:

    […] If after you see it, you don’t know why I refer to it as “The Story of My Life,” check out this previous post. […]

  4. katie Says:

    i missed this post the first time around… i apologize for my dress…the color was terrible.

  5. amypaul Says:

    Katie, it was not terrible. I didn’t mind it. I’ve worn worse. 🙂

  6. Mandy Says:

    That dress was not 200 plus. I’m going back to check my records. And why was ours the only price mentioned? Sorry the cleaner ruined it.

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