Failing Frivolously

Ok…so I must confess. I have been miserably failing at my self-imposed “one frivolous snack per day” rule. It all started two weeks ago when my computer crashed. And, then it was the big move. I think I have needed extra sweet snacks as a way of dealing. Ha…if that’s not dysfunctional I don’t know what is.

Anyway…all this to say that Sunday (at the latest), it’s back on. I’m hitting up the grocery store, stocking the food cabinets and planning dinners/lunches so I can stop eating out so much. It’s time to get back in the groove. I really can’t wait.

Oh, and time for routine exercise too! Summer’s almost here! 🙂


5 Responses to “Failing Frivolously”

  1. chadvaughan Says:

    i have had a frivolous week. on wednesday, i had 6 pieces of pizza. yuck.

  2. Emily Says:

    the coconut cake needs to disappear!

  3. amypaul Says:

    I will finish it off when I get back in town. 🙂

  4. kathleen nugent Says:

    Sorry, I realize I wasn’t much help in this department!

  5. katie Says:

    if the coconut cake still needs some help, i will sacrifice myself and take it off your hands. 🙂

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