My Grammy

I am trying to work my way down the list of things I said I was going to post about, but really in no particular order. This post would be the one about the email I received. Last Thursday, I received an unexpected email that my Mom forwarded me. It was written by a family friend to my Mom, my aunt and my uncle. It read:

“I’ve long known how blessed I was to grow up in FB Sanford at the time I did and have the leadership, examples and mentors that I had. But I want to tell you about it today.

“I was in charge of our Annie Armstrong emphasis at our church and today I was narrating a silhouette skit we did about Annie Armstrong’s life. When I got to the part that talked about the beginning of the Women’s Missionary Union, I was getting choked up. You see, Patsy was WMU to me. And as I described Annie’s passion and dedication to studying about missions, praying for missionaries, helping those in need and giving money for mission work, all I could think of Patsy.  And then I was so humbled to think that there I stood, telling other about missions much like Patsy had done for me so many times years ago.

“I am indeed blessed to have had her in my life and though I don’t do it for her, I think she would be proud of the woman I’ve become. And though she never did anything for her own glory or reward, she is reaping the rewards of her labor. I will always strive to carry out the legacy left for me.

“You three already know what a great lady your mom was but I wanted to share this with you.”

Sitting in my office, I started to cry, and wrote this email to my Mom:

“Thanks, Mom. Even though I’m now sitting in my office crying, thanks for sending this. Although I can still remember being very emotionless and naïve about what was happening at Grammy’s service, her not being here now as I have gotten older affects me more and more than I realize until something like this or bigger events in life come about. I wish she was here as we’ve gotten older and grown up because I think we would have been able to learn so much from her. I know that she would be so very proud of us and I know that she would love Paulie and Bradley so much. I know that so much of who we are and have become is because of the influence she was on us during our formative years. And she continues to love and influence us through you. I am grateful for this email so that as we continue to grow, we can be reminded of how much she loved Jesus and shared that love with others. It reminds me of what is important in life. It reminds me what people will remember about each of us and the way we impacted them. The older I get, the more I recognize that relationships are the most part of life. And, I am thankful that our family recognizes that.

“Thanks, Mom! I love you!”

Last week, this was just a good reminder for me about what’s important in life. It also reminded me to remember where I’ve come from and where I’ve been. It also challenged me to consider the type of impact I can have on people I come in contact with. I pray that in the short years I was able to know my Grammy, that at least a little bit of her rubbed off on me (and I’m hoping for a little more than the gray streak I got from her!). 🙂


One of my favorite pictures of her…


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  1. katie Says:

    that picture is fantastic!

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