My Experience with the “Geniuses”

As I’ve mentioned before, the MacBook is back and is as good as new…literally. About a week and a half ago, I was minding my own business, working on an ABC book for my nephew’s VERY belated birthday gift, when my beloved MacBook froze up. The little color wheel just kept spinning and spinning. And, although it looks a little pretty, it was not a welcome sight. I tried “force quitting” the programs I was running so that I could unfreeze it, but no such luck. Then, I tried restarting. Again, no luck. The next thing I know my computer is staring back at me with a white blank screen. (In my best estimation on the Mac, this is like what you PC users would call the “blue screen of death.”

I called the Mac 800 number only to find out that unless I wanted to pay $49.95 for the phone call, the kind lady could not help me. She said something like, “If you can get on the internet, you can see if you can find some articles that may help you.” I don’t even think I responded to her…I mean, really?? If I can get on the internet? Did I mention the blank white screen?

Next call was to my trusty friend Jason, also a Mac user and lover. I’ve known Jason for 10 years now, so I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was attempting to be calming for me. He made several suggestions, most of which I’d tried to no avail. Then I asked the looming question, “Do you think my stuff is gone?” Stuff = thousand plus pictures, thousand plus songs, papers for school, other documents, etc, etc. And he said something to the effect of, “Well, it’s a possibility,” all the while maintaining that calming tone I mentioned before.

At this point, I knew my next step was to take it to the store. If you are at all familiar with the Genius Bar services, you know you must have an appointment. I got the next available appointment that coincided with my schedule and went in to see if my appointed “Genius” could solve my problems.

I got the most non-communicative “Genius” in the store, so I was trying to read his close to non-existent facial expressions for a clue as to what was going on the entire time. After lots of fiddling around and hooking my computer up to this and that, the “Genius” (who I believe was named John) says, “We’re going to have to send it out for service.” To which I say, very innocently, “But first can you see if we can get any of my stuff off of it?” And, in not as quite a calming voice as my friend Jason, he says, “There’s nothing there. I can’t see anything on the drive. It doesn’t even show an operating system.” Hmmm…curious.

Anyway…to get to the end of this story (there are many more details…if you care to know, just ask me)…he tells me it’ll be 5-6 days for the repair. Lucky me, three days later they call and say the computer is ready. Almost a week ago now, I was reunited with my trusty little MacBook. They could give no explanation for why it crashed and they weren’t able to recover anything. It’s such a bummer, but as I kept reminding myself throughout the ordeal, “It’s just a computer.”

I did have some things backed up on an external drive, but no where near as much as I thought I had on there. iTunes was kind enough to let me redownload about 250 songs that I had previously downloaded, and they told me there’s a new way in the most updated version of iTunes to get the music off your iPod back into your iTunes. Yeah! I haven’t had time to do that yet, but I’ll get to it one of these days.

Even though I was/am real annoyed at the entire situation, I have been amazed by my own loyalty to the Mac brand. I still love my Mac, and although I was a disappointed at times with the customer service, I’d still rather use my little MacBook than some PC. On a side note…I’m glad I’ve waited for the next generation iPhone (not that it won’t have its issues). In the two times I was in the Mac store for my computer service they had to have given away 8-10 iPhones in order to replace old ones with some kind of defect. And, in each instance they did it with no questions asked. Which leads me to believe the iPhone has some issues and Mac knows it. (Just my own two cents…)

So, anyway, the MacBook is back. I’m getting it reacquainted with my pictures and music. I got the new version of Microsoft Office for Mac, so we’re good to go for school. To sum up my experience with the “Geniuses,” I think it’s safe to say that the moral of the story is “Those ‘Geniuses’ should start serving something other than computers and electronics at their bars. It would probably help their customers deal better with the crashing hard drives.” šŸ™‚


One Response to “My Experience with the “Geniuses””

  1. Amanda Says:

    you’d be proud……I’m spending frivolous hours reading blogs rather than doing my history homework…..

    eek. lol.

    I’m glad your mac is ok. šŸ™‚

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