Cinco Things

This is not on my list of things to blog about in the previous post, but Katie’s wish is my command…

What was I doing 10 years ago (spring of 1998): 1) finally adjusting to life at Palm Beach Atlantic and deciding it was ok to stay for three more years; 2) skipping class in favor of the the beach; 3) I think I also had a babysitting job that I wasn’t crazy about, but I felt really bad for the little girl’s situation so I stayed 4) not realizing how good I had it while in college (hello real world, 10 years later); 5) learning how right my parents were all the time and beginning to understand and appreciate their wisdom.

Five things on my to-do list: 1) see previous blog post; 2) beg itunes to let me redownload my music after my hard drive crashed; 3) unpack, unpack some more, settle in; 4) homework; 5) pay the balance of my school bill

Five snacks I enjoy: 1) frivolous ones; 2) chocolate; 3) chocolate; 4) chocolate; 5) chocolate

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire: 1) give lots away; 2) pay off family debts; 3) save; 4) who am i kidding?!!?  SHOP, of course; 5) travel…lots…with people i love

Five of my bad habits: 1) not exercising enough; 2) getting annoyed when people don’t meet whatever expectations i made up for them in my head; 3) i’m on the computer way too much; 4) my mom would say that i pour a glass of whatever i want to drink and then don’t drink it all and then she has to pick it up afer me; 5) not putting away clean clothes…i HATE doing that

Five places I have lived: 1) Gainesville, FL; 2) Sanford, FL; 3) Lake Mary, FL; 4) West Palm Beach, FL; 5) London, England (UK)

Five jobs I’ve had: 1) LimitedToo; 2) Disney; 3) Blockbuster; 4) Target; 5) Christ Fellowship

Now, five of you jokers with blogs are supposed to do this…comment back!


4 Responses to “Cinco Things”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    i laughed out loud when i read “frivolous ones”. 🙂 also, you didn’t mention queso or chocolate cheeseball.
    oh my word i hate putting away clean clothes too…why is that?

  2. amy Says:

    dad wanted you to know…you were born in Gainesville but lived in Lake City..:o)

  3. amypaul Says:

    ummm yes good point, and thank you for the clarification. i think maybe you need to log me out of wordpress before leaving more comments…it makes it look like i just left a comment for myself.

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    […] was tagged by Carolyn to do this little “survey”…I did a similar survey in April (here’s the post), so some of this may be […]

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