A Sad, Sad State of Affairs

Well…it’s official. My cute little black MacBook is on its way to the Mac Hospital. I took it in to the “Genius Bar” last night and even the geniuses were stumped. It’s showing no signs of life and no signs of my ever saving anything on it. They can’t recover pictures, music, school papers, NOTHING. It’s all gone. I guess this will teach me to back up from now on.With that being said, you might not see much action on my blog for the next week or so. I’ll do my best, but no promises.:( 


6 Responses to “A Sad, Sad State of Affairs”

  1. Kati Says:

    This is a sad day for sure. Guess you’ll be getting an external hard drive now… 🙂 I backed up my pics and docs and such on my laptop a couple nights ago. Mainly because mine needs to go in for some servicing too.

  2. emilyjwilson Says:

    oh no! you’re scaring me into backing everything up on mine!

    hope it all gets fixed…after friday you can borrow my computer to blog…i’d hate for your blog to have to suffer because of this event. i think your fans would be way too dissapointed and that would be very very bad!

  3. katiehobbie Says:

    i am seriously praying for you right now…i cannot imagine how upsetting it will be if they can’t find any of your stuff. oh man!

  4. chadvaughan Says:

    oh man…sad day indeed.

  5. kathleen Says:

    I really think I would go into a deep depression if I lost all my stuff! I’m feelin’ for ya:(

  6. masterfamily Says:

    Soooo sorry! That’s terrible!

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