Frivolous Snacks

I’m only blogging about this so that I know someone else out there will know about it (aka “accountability”).

In an effort to get in better shape, and put better food in my body, I am reinstating a self-imposed “one frivolous snack per day” rule. I did this once before just to prove to myself that I didn’t need chocolate after every meal. Eventually I actually stopped wanting it as much. I’m doing it this time for the two reasons I’ve already stated. Once I move and cook meals regularly again, I want to try to start making conscious choices about food and their nutritional value. Not to say that I’m going to go all “health nut” crazy, but I do think I could make better decisions about the foods I’m consuming.

Oh…and please don’t ask me what constitutes as “frivolous” because I’m not really sure. I just kind of know. Ya know? 🙂

So…here we go. “One Frivolous Snack Per Day” rule is in full effect. Let’s see how I do.

Oh…and…some weekends might not really count…like this weekend…I’m going to the beach house and my parents know how much I love Nutter Butters when I’m at the beach house. And we kind of snack on them all day, so…well…I don’t want to offend them and not eat the Nutter Butters (or other fun treats). 😉

I will do my best. 🙂


8 Responses to “Frivolous Snacks”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    Are you writing about said Nutter Butters to ensure that they are purchased at the store and waiting for your arrival at the beach house? 🙂

  2. Mom Says:

    Of course, she is!!! Gotta love her!!

  3. amypaul Says:

    Actually that wasn’t my intent…I just didn’t want the readers of my internationally acclaimed blog to give me a hard time if I had more than one frivolous snack this weekend! 😉 But, of course I won’t complain if they are waiting on me when I get there!

  4. emilyjwilson Says:

    we can hold each other accountable! i’ve been trying to be smarter about what I eat too…and i think there’s some place that i can maybe go to to help with the whole fitness aspect…i know they take 34.95 out of my account each month…i think it’s called…is it LA Fitness???

  5. katie Says:

    all you have to do is just make an actual MEAL out of the Nutter Butters…then it’s not categorized as a snack. also, for no reason at all, i’d like to know if THREE hostess cupcakes at one time can be called ONE frivolous snack?

  6. Dawn Piscopink Says:

    So how is this whole snack thing going? Since this is actually the first day!

  7. amypaul Says:

    Well…this isn’t the first day…I think the first day was last Wednesday, and so far, so good (with the exception of this weekend)

    Day One = three pieces of small Easter candy

    Day Two = Rice Krispie Treat (I almost made it all day without anything, but then after class I went to Kasey and Matt’s and those darn Rice Krispie treats were calling my name…seriously, I heard them.)

    Day Three = some Nutter Butters

    Day Four = wayyyy too many Nutter Butters AND popcorn AND Reese’s Pieces AND more Reese’s Pieces when my computer had it’s meltdown

    Day Five = some Nutter Butters

    Day Six (today) = a few jelly beans

  8. Dawn Piscopink Says:

    My theory on these things is that if there is any major life crisis…and by the way a computer meltdown in grad school totally counts…then you can eat whatever the heck you darn well please! So Nutter Butters beware.

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