I Owe These Skills to Instant Messenger

I saw a link to a typing test on my friend Carolyn’s blog, and just had to try it out. Recently I’ve had several people comment on the quickness of my typing, and I always give credit to AOL Instant Messenger. I believe my sister and I started using AIM when I was in high school, and I honestly think that is what helped us learn to type so well. Anyhow…all that to say, I tested myself on this nifty site and it says I can type 77 words per minute!

See how well you do…try it! 

Thanks, AOL!


7 Responses to “I Owe These Skills to Instant Messenger”

  1. sunshinekmp Says:

    Good job! I tried…but only got 61 words per minute. This was with a sleeping child on me though…maybe if he was in bed I would have done better! 🙂

  2. Amanda Says:

    that was fun. I got 79 wpm.

    Amy…I think I spend too much time aimlessly reading people’s blogs and doing random internet quizzes…..hahaha

  3. Amanda Says:

    AND…..I completely agree. the only reason i can type is because i used to be an aim addict.

  4. emilyjwilson Says:

    I got 78 wpm. My students stare in shock when I type without looking at the keyboard.

  5. Am I Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?! « life as i know it… Says:

    […] asking yourself? I know that’s what I’m asking myself as I type these words (78 of them per minute to be exact).  Mostly I’m doing it in hopes that other closet Miley fans will identify themselves by […]

  6. chadvaughan Says:

    i only got 55 😦

  7. masterfamily Says:

    Ha! Hi! I was just checking my blog stats and saw your blog as a referrer! Todd Shoemaker told me you had a blog so now all the dots are connected! I’m going to put you on my sidebar if you don’t mind?!

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