Update :: Weekend List

Ok…as requested (and because I have a need to see what I’ve accomplished), here is an update of the weekend list:

get my car washed

read for pleasure

read for school (still have plenty to do though)

lay out (but I’m hoping for more of this tomorrow!)

surf and/or skateboard (it rained all weekend!)

go to the beach (it rained all weekend!)

send the evite for the ainsley going away party

go to church with russell and sami

work on my 360 degree feedback presentation for school

show emily the new apartment

figure out how to get my stuff from minneola to here

map out dates on the calendar for going to the beach house from now until september

work on paulie’s VERY belated birthday present (still have lots to do, but at least got a start!)

have a great time at kami’s birthday party (couldn’t put that on the list before because it was a surprise!)

clean my room


3 Responses to “Update :: Weekend List”

  1. Cat Says:

    please fill me in on the beach condo weekends schedule : )

  2. kathleen Says:

    man you did pretty good:)

  3. emilyjwilson Says:

    i love making lists too. and i love writing things I already did so i can cross them off. it’s therapeutic!

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