I got a little distracted from my alphabetical stuff…moving on to L…

London: I believe I’ve mentioned before that I lived in London for three months during my last semester of college. We lived in a flat on Edgeware Road (right across the street from a Safeway) and our classes were held in our professor’s flat just a few doors down from ours. Here’s the best part…we only had “class” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So every week we had four day weekends which allowed us to travel to places like Scotland, Spain and Greece. THEN, we had a ten day break in the middle and then another five day break at the end of the semester. In all, I think I went to 13 different countries. I can’t remember much that I didn’t LOVE about London. Things to love: the tube, the shows, the parks, Wagamama’s, Cheers, H&M, the ease of travel, the student discounts, the walking, the accents, the dreary weather (well, maybe “love” is a strong word for that, but I think I became somewhat accustomed to it). Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to 1) GOING BACK (who wants to come with me?!) and 2) scanning some pics from our trips into the computer to share. Trip down memory lane, anyone?

Lists: I thrive on lists. Everyday at work I start by listing out the things I need to accomplish, then I prioritize them and then I start checking them off as I go. (Thanks to my Covey!) I even make lists on weekends and days off…a lot of times I write them out, but if not, there’s always a list in my head. For example, this weekend I’d like to:

  • get my car washed
  • read for pleasure
  • read for school
  • lay out
  • surf and/or skateboard
  • go to the beach
  • send the evite for the ainsley going away party
  • go to church with russell and sami
  • work on my 360 degree feedback presentation for school
  • show emily the new apartment
  • figure out how to get my stuff from minneola to here
  • map out dates on the calendar for going to the beach house from now until september
  • work on paulie’s VERY belated birthday present
  • clean my room

And, sometimes I add things to my list that I’ve already completed so that I can check them off. (See “clean my room” above.) 🙂

Let love be your highest goal… –I Corinthians 14:1a


4 Responses to “l”

  1. kathleen Says:

    That looks like a ridiculously busy weekend…you know your going to have to post a follow up showing just how much of that you actually completed:)

  2. kathleen Says:

    oh ps. My weekend list has 2 things study and make a coconut cake…yeah that’s right makin’ the cake!!!

  3. katie Says:

    um, can i invite myself to one of the beach house weekends???

  4. katie Says:

    ps. do we like to make lists because we were both born in november???

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