It May Sound Corny…

It may sound corny, but I’m proud of these guys–Tenth Avenue North. I’ve known most of them for several years and have watched them go from a random group playing on Rinker Green at Palm Beach Atlantic to a group pouring their hearts and souls into students at Christ Fellowship to an emerging group changing the way we view (and hear) Christian music.

Their new album comes out May 20, and I stumbled across this video on their website today. It’s a quick little glimpse at who they are, but it really gives a true picture of their hearts. The video does a great job of capturing their fun, playful sides as well as their hearts to know God in a deeper way.

Most of you reading this have probably heard of, or know well, the guys in Tenth Avenue North. If you haven’t, check out this video and watch for their album…coming real soon.


One Response to “It May Sound Corny…”

  1. So Happy For These Guys « Says:

    […] gotta give a shout out to the guys from Tenth Avenue North. I’ve posted about them before (go here), but it seems that they are currently #3 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs this week. […]

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