Words to Live By

Well, tomorrow I am beginning a new job. I’m excited about it. And, as I was thinking about it tonight, I decided to read over some personal definitions I had to write as part of the application process for my new job. I was given a list of twelve words and asked to write what each of them mean to me, in my own words.

I want to remember these, not just as it relates to my work, but also to my life. Thought I’d share them with whomever is reading this as well…maybe just myself. 🙂

  1. Loyalty: the commitment to stand by, support and protect those around you (ie: family, friends, coworkers) by being faithful to the relationships you have worked so hard to develop
  2. Commitment: an unwavering dedication to a cause or person which requires the utmost personal engagement in, and adoption of, the ideas, values and beliefs of the organization, cause or individual
  3. Flexibility: the willingness to “change gears” and adjust plans when appropriate or when deemed to be in the best interest of the team and others involved
  4. Perseverance: an attitude that will not give up even when circumstances or situations are not ideal while trusting in God for the strength needed to endure
  5. Courage: continuing to walk forward in faith even in the midst of fear or difficulty
  6. Responsibility: the acknowledgement of one’s accountability to personal tasks and commitments; the idea that an individual must successfully complete his or her tasks in order for other team members to successfully remain accountable to their personal tasks and commitments
  7. Conviction: a strong belief that will not be moved when influenced by outside ideas, circumstances or situations, a firm planting in personal faith and belief
  8. Authority: put in place by God in all arenas of life to provide guidance, wisdom, leadership and accountability
  9. Self-Motivating: the ability to harness personal vision, creativity and direction in order to move from thought to action without constant guidance from others
  10. Full-time Ministry: the attitude that assumes God calls each of us to a certain career and place of employment and that He will provide opportunities to care for others on a daily basis no matter what field we find ourselves in; this type of care should not take place only in the church setting
  11. Honesty: a personal commitment to always live in the truth and speak the truth in love
  12. Integrity: living a life rooted in, and guided by, personal convictions, beliefs and morals

One Response to “Words to Live By”

  1. katiehobbie Says:

    how’s the new job going?

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