I Appreciate…

First, I need to say that I appreciate Mrs. Kim Booker for reminding me how great it feels to appreciate each other, and appreciate things in life that we take for granted. You see, this new way of life, or new perspective perhaps, started on Sunday night. Mrs. Kim simply stated that she appreciated me allowing her to watch her Ohio State basketball team get defeated (whoops…she probably will not appreciate me saying that). This started a whole long list of appreciative comments being exchanged between Matt, Chad, Kasey, Mrs. Kim and myself. It sounds kind of silly, but we almost made a game of it, seeing who could appreciate the most. Almost every appreciative comment was truly sincere.

This morning I was thinking about that, and even after just a couple of hours of appreciative comments, I noticed that my attitude and perspective was different. Why not look for things to appreciate all throughout the day? Why not mention to others what you appreciate about them? Or the way God’s created them?

Tonight, we continued our appreciation party. I really hope this is one party that doesn’t end.


2 Responses to “I Appreciate…”

  1. chadvaughan Says:

    amy, i appreciate you. and your blog.

  2. matthewainsley Says:

    I appreciate both of you.

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