Well said, Perry…thanks.

I read several blogs on a regular basis, and Perry Noble’s is one of them. I heard about this guy on the Catalyst Podcast, so I stop by his blog every now and then to see what he’s up to. I must say that I appreciated his comments today. His whole post is about five things he doesn’t like about Valentine’s Day and romance, in general. Here’s just a little bit of it:

#2 – Passive Men

I once heard a guy say, “I don’t see anything wrong with a girl asking a guy out.” I told him, “That is because you are pathetic!”

Call me “old fashioned,” BUT…the Bible says in Proverbs 18:22, “He who FINDS a wife FINDS what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” Key word–FIND!!!

Dudes, trust me–women desire to be pursued…and if they have to pursue you then they will one day resent you because of your passivity.

By the way guys…pursuing a girl IS NOT sending her a text asking her on a date…nor is it having a friend speak to her (unless you are in the first grade.) It is you BEING the MAN and asking her out…and if she says no then handling it with class!

#3 – Desperate women

Too many women in today’s world (especially Christian women) think that something is wrong with them if there is not a man by their side…so, often times they are willing to take whatever comes along.

Ladies…you are BETTER than WHATEVER! A guy should view you as a daughter of God…and treat you accordingly. You do not have to settle–if you are a Christian then you are literally a child of the KING of the Universe…and He desires for you to wait on the BEST!

I’ve seen ladies fall prey to their own insecurities when weak-ego driven men begin to ask them to compromise. She thinks, “If I don’t then he won’t,” and then proceeds to do what she knows she should not do–ONLY because she wants to say, “Yes, as a matter of fact I am dating…”

Is it wrong to want to date and get married? HECK NO…but it is wrong to allow that desire consume you to the point that you are willing to go against God’s Word JUST to have a dude in your life.Click here to read the rest. And…what do you think about what he has to say?


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