Why is this so hard? I am only on “A” and already I am finding it difficult to come up with words…hmmm…how about…

Airplane: although there is something very unnatural to me about riding umpteen thousands of feet in the air in a big heavy machine, I am very appreciative for the gift of travel. Airplanes have taken me all over the world–London, Athens, Rome, Bolivia, and plenty of spots in the good ole U S of A. Life wouldn’t be the same without airplanes. 🙂

Athens: speaking of travel and airplanes…During the three months I lived in London, a few of my friends and I traveled to Greece for a long weekend (oh how I miss that life). It’s kind of funny though, we almost cancelled the trip because it was at the end of our stay in London and we were “tired of all the traveling.” Ha. Silly college kids. Of course, we did make the trip, and I am so glad we did! It ended up being one of my favorite places. I picked up my beloved 2004 Athens Olympics shirt (mind you this was in 2000 so that was a big deal, and four years seemed soooo far away…again, silly college kids) and also a pair of leather flip flops that I still wear to this day!

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. –Joshua 24:15

Was that a stretch? Funny though…did anyone else notice how many “a” words I used to write those short sentences? Fifteen: am, already, about, although, air, appreciative, Athens, airplane, a, almost, at, all, also, away, again.


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